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How can I access data?

One of our values is the openness of our data. With that we have created multiple ways to download data from the app.

  • iOS – Download the iOS app, Go to the “Data” tab once signed in. Follow instructions there to add counterpoints to a list, and then export that list of counterpoints to view the data.
  • Android – Download the Android app. Navigate to the desired counterpoint, scroll down and you will see a button named “Download Data”. Click it and this will send yourself an email.
  • API – For the more nerdy data folks, we also have a public API you can hit and fetch all data on specific counterpoints. All information is located in our API documentation under the section “CounterPoints Public”, the rest, you will not be able to access as it is for admin purposes only. If you need a hand exploring this docs, let us know and we can help you out and explain things better.

Thank you for posting the API!