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Download Data

I remember a year or two ago a screen on the web in which I could download an excel file of the data for a count location. It this still available and how do I access it?

Yup that still exists. Here's a form topic on how to access these across all platforms (iOS, Android, Webapp)

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Jose Luis

We have performed an exercise with some students in a team. Is it possible to download all team's data at once?

If not, is it better to create a profile and Count with same user id ? We can assign points before so we still know who took each one.


José Luis Gisbert

Not currently. You need to keep track of the counterpoints you counted at. You can then filter the data export by your team id or even user ids.

@jose-luis - We have released a beta data explorer. You can filter by a date range, by teams, by specific counterpoints, specific users and lots of temporal filters. Just make sure the Date Range is set appropriately so you can see your team show in the list. then click the "Data Explorer" item in the menu.

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