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March 2019

Meeting for March 2019

Every last Wednesday of every month we all sit down remotely using uberconference and informally chat about CounterPoint and what’s new. Admins can make meeting pages here. Anyone can join the call, anyone can comment.

Date and Time

March 26th 2019 at 15:00 MST, 17:00 EST for us and 23:00 UTC+1

Location: Winnipeg or Url:  Number: 781-448-4991 Pin: 42228


  • Super Tuesday traffic count campaign
    • page created?
    • #30daysofcounting. Count as many days as you can.
    • mail chimp email campaign setup for this.
    • social media strategy
    • bike-only count type added
      • share cards included.
  • Current projects / coming projects / leads

Meeting Notes

Email updates circulated. No formal meeting happened.

  • Update call with Halifax Gov.
    • They wanted to know more about the app
    • Showed interest in a Pedestrian Gender count type.
    • Doing a count in April next month.
  • Interest in a webinar about counterpoint circulated at WCC. We should set something up with designed material and use cases.
  • Passed around information on the Danish Cycling Fed’s want for a bike count type.
  • Updates from the German school taking on CounterPoint for projects.
    • “We’ve broken the class up into five groups roughly focusing on transportation modes, but with lots of overlap when it comes to utilizing the public space. Groups are bikes, walking, limited mobility, public transport, and traffic calming.”
    • ” Some interesting things came out like better delineation of bicycle infrastructure, more things for kids to do, lots of comments on the field stones relating to mobility, and many mentions of ‘mehr Gemütlich machen’, which doesn’t translate well in english, very close to the danish word ‘Hygge’. Comfy, ambiance. Super interesting.”